Design Build Services

With over 30 years in Single Family Home Design, Build, Construction and Development , Our team can raise your home project to the next level of Satisfaction.

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Shabby Chic Designs

We have taken dumpster diving to a whole new level.  Our Shabby Chic designs have been featured in countless bay area magazines and newspapers.   If you need short term housing, staging services or just want to add some Zen to your own home...Give us a call!

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I am just doing it...


When People ask what I do all day, I like to respond with "I am just doing it!" So if I am scrounging salvage yards and Free Websites for Shabby Chic designs, consulting with architects / engineers / lawyers or  taking the day off to go rafting with my teenage daughters... "I am just doing it!"



Give a shout if you have a real estate project to sell or manage or even if you want to hang out and just be "doing it" too!